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Unschooling Means…

Watching Olympic wrestling videos on Youtube that lead to conversations about world geography and flags and languages, then settling in to a library book at 3 am, with plans to learn Japanese when we wake up in the morning.

Making plans to head to the state capitol this week to watch people talk to legislators so that the 6 year old can think about getting involved in efforts to pass Erin’s Law in Georgia.

Checking out an opportunity shared by our homeschool friends to volunteer at a horse shelter, which leads to conversations about abuse, activism, and freedom fighters, that comes back around to an earlier conversation about Harriet Tubman.

Discussing how people get started voice acting, video game making, and professional wrestling at various points in the day.

Looking for the kid who was just coloring, only to locate him by the sounds of a drum session.

Cuddling on the sofa watching Everybody Hates Chris on Amazon Instant.