Welcome to the blog!  I am Tamika, mom of 2 (Manikins, 7, and Babygirl, 1), wife, doula, student midwife, organizer, etc.  Journey with my family and me as we live, learn, and grow together.

Why this blog?

Our family has always been… “unconventional”.  Our approach to parenting has followed suit.  When Manikins was a wee baby we discovered unschooling.  It felt like a natural choice for us; after all, we had built our lives, individually and together, rejecting proscribed norms and mores, fighting for liberation and against oppressive power dynamics, and working to live freely and instinctually.  We felt it only right that we extend those principles to raising our child.

We have been unschooling for almost 7 years now.  As Manikins has approached “school age”, people who appreciated our parenting philosophy in his younger ages have found our approach more difficult to understand.  This blog is partially for them.  When you unschool, there are no report cards to gush over.  This is our record to share with our family and friends.

This is also our record for ourselves.  To remind us why we live this way on the hard days, and also to document our learning in case we need records in the future.

But this is not just an unschooling blog.  This space will follow us through our personal journeys, through growing Babygirl, and through becoming a better and more awesome family.  Stay tuned!


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