The word of the day is limitation.

I am noticing my edges, the ones I can push past, and the ones I haven’t yet been able to.

I am stretching myself, trying to expand, to reimagine my body, my brain, my creativity, my life.

I am examining the limitations I have put on myself, and how they affect my interactions with others, with the world.

What would it mean to have no limits, or for limits to be fluid, permeable?

Is that what freedom looks like?


I am thinking about the limits I place on others in my head.

From where do those come?

What happens to people when I hold those limits rigidly?

What happens to my children when I do this to them?

Is this what oppression looks like?


I am rethinking myself, reshaping myself, moving to a new end.

This is difficult, and scary.

I’m not quite sure what the journey or the destination will be.

I am hoping that we are all more free on the other side.




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