The Burden of Black Parents (On Jordan/Trayvon/Renisha/Johnathan/Aiyana/ and all of our children)

Because survivalism is not just an exercise in possibility

And the question is not ever When

Because the answer would be Now


Every day

Because the mechanisms of survival are ever-present

Though they are shifting/changing/modernizing

Just as the mechanisms for genocide do the same

Because one day we hope our babies will grow into adults

If they make it out of teen-age

Out of childhood

Out of infancy

Out of our wombs

We have to teach them how to survive

How to make it in a world that seeks their blood

That seeks their breath

We have to teach them how to be free

But first we have to learn our selves

But first we have to see Our Selves

And them

And each other

As worthy of freedom

No matter what they wear

Or what they listen to

Or how they speak

Or who they love

Or what they eat/drink/smoke

No matter if they are not respectable

They are still worthy of respect

Of life

Because if we don’t see the value in our children/

In our lives

No one will